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Grief is a normal and natural reaction to a loss. It is unique to the individual experiencing it. There is no timetable for moving through the grief process. Grieving is the most misunderstood and avoided growth process a person can journey through.

Grief is not merely an emotional experience. It may include physical, spiritual, social, and even cognitive symptoms as well. Because every person’s loss is unique, each individual ‘s grieving and healing processes will also be different.

Grief is a regular human emotion that we experience following any major change in a familiar pattern of behavior. Divorce can cause conflict, confusion, and an enormous sense of loss.  Even entering the sacrament of marriage can cause feelings of loss for a familiar lifestyle. Dealing with addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, and so on can lead to monumental grief.

Feeling comfortable and safe is of utmost importance, and is the ambiance that we try to create for all who come to our office. That feeling of warmth supports and encourages people to share their loss with one of our compassionate therapists.

Being able to talk about loss in an accepting environment is a very therapeutic and healing experience.  Front Range Counseling Center’s Grief counselors will help you feel safe and welcomed, whatever your loss may be.

We are equipped with a group of dedicated professional counselors who are ready to provide competent and compassionate help with the special challenges that can occur in all our lives

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If you are wanting help to work through grief, our counseling center provides individual counseling for grief & loss and other mental health issues.  There are two ways to setup an appointment with one of our counselors: 1) Fill out the Contact Form and a counselor will call you with 24-hours; 2) Call our offices at 303-933-5800.